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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Vision

Christ will meet anyone, anywhere, at any time to deliver His saving grace and His mercy. His love is strong enough to deliver the weak and the defenseless. His love is strong enough to heal the pain of life's unfortunate circumstances.  His love is for everyone no matter where you come from. From the suburbs to the hood God is able. Christ will meet you after you just won your fifth Grammy or while you’re taking a hit in the crack house. If you call on him, he will bring you to redemption. Our motto here at LivinSoul International and The Day Jesus Spoke Hip Hop is: It's not just about hip hop it's about Christ meeting you where you are. Christ will meet you anywhere to bring you to the place you should be: In his presence and His will. Your life has value no matter what anyone else tells you. Christ was crucified for you and His death and His resurrection are His statement of Love and Power to us all. He showed us Love by giving His life for us and proved His power by defeating death to claim victory for us all. Our vision is to spread the great message of the Gospel to all that will hear. It is to present the Gospel to the whosoever and encourage them to come to Christ’s saving grace. His grace is sufficient for anyone who calls on His name. It is our intention to reach the brokenhearted, the abandoned, the hopeless, the abused, the rich, the poor, the young, and the old with the victorious message of the Cross. No matter your color or where you are from: From the suburbs to the Hood, Christ will meet you where you are. This is the vision of LivinSoul International Ministries and

Take care my friends.
© 2011 Lynn A. Jackson

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