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Friday, July 9, 2010

Get Liberty!!

Get Liberty!!
By L.A. Jackson

The difference between true spiritual liberty and emotional captivity is perspective. If you are emotionally stuck on the experience(s) that caused you great pain in your past. If you're angry with God for allowing it to happen to you in the first place. You should know right now that that is normal human behavior. It is absolutely reasonable to allow yourself to feel this way. Many of us have faced some extremely hurtful circumstances in our lives. From childhood molestation to multiple divorces to untimely deaths of the people we love. You name it and people have been through it. We wonder sometimes, why God would allow these things to happen. Some of us who profess that we love God and His ways, struggle with these issues from our past. We love God, but we are angry with him for letting those things happen to us in the first place. Let me announce to you today my friends, that if you keep this perspective you will never get past your circumstances and it will stunt your growth in the Kingdom of God. YOU WILL NEVER RUN ALL OUT FOR GOD (CHRIST) IF YOUR HEART REMAINS IN THIS CONDITION! Your vigor will be subdued and your life for Him will be less effective than it should or could be. You can't give 100% to anything you are not completely committed to. If you want real liberty, spend more time focused on the fact that God sent His Truth your way to rescue you from an obviously emotionally harmful situation. Just as he rescued you; He will also restore you (Joel 2:24-26). Remember, God is not the one trying to destroy you. No my friends, He came to give you life in an abundant way. His Word says if you come through his door you will find pasture. That's a place of substance my friends. A place of peace. But you have to do it His Way (John 10:9-11). Change your perspective my friends (Prov 3:5-6). You say how? His Word says to abide in His Word and you will know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free (John 8:31-34). Being made free is like God saying that you will be created as a whole new you. Wow, that's powerful!! You can stay stuck or you can be made free. The choice is yours. Now that's perspective for you. Keep living and praying my friends. God has been, is, and will always be faithful.

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  1. This is REAL VISION! Wonderfully said! Amen to that!