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Friday, July 30, 2010

Don’t just honor God with empty words; Honor Him with your life.

Don’t just honor God with empty words; Honor Him with your life.

In this country and many countries throughout the world we are fascinated with constantly remembering something or someone. We hold birthday parties every year to mark and celebrate our birth and continued gift of life. We get together with our families and bring gifts to the fortunate honoree. For some, a person’s birthday is the one day out of the year they must call that someone. On their birthday! What about the rest of the year? We celebrate the life of many of our leaders on a yearly basis by holding memorials and holidays in their honor. We listen to stories told about them and are moved by their audacious courage. In all of this annual emotionalism some of us become motivated to become more than what we are. Unfortunately, two weeks later we run out of emotional steam and we are back to who we were before. We have quickly become a people who honor God the way we honor our leaders of the past and our loved ones on their birthday.

We come to churches throughout the United States on Saturdays and Sundays with tireless devotion. Within the services we honor God and who He is supposed to be to us. We sing about His Love. We praise Him for all our days. We lift Him up on high. Our Pastors preach about His supreme greatness. Then after the services, for far too many of us, we go back to our lives as they were. We leave with our lives unaffected. God’s presence brings about a true life revolution to the one who hides in it. The way some of us have become reminds me of the local radio station when I was a young child. During the week they would play all kinds of music with all kinds God-less messages coming across the airwaves. However, on Sunday mornings, they would faithfully play Gospel music. After 1pm it was back to the other music until the next Sunday. This irony is amazing to me. Some people think that all they have to do is show up on Sunday, sing a few praise and worship songs, cry a little bit, and it’s all good. They believe they can live their life anyway they want during week, give God a little time on Sunday, and that will be enough. Well, its not!

God is requiring so much more from us. God does not just want you to honor Him with empty words; He wants you Honor Him by serving Him with your life. God doesn’t want an annual memorial and then be forgotten about the rest of the year. Honor God with everyday of your life.  

Stop making excuses and just do it!

Reflect on these: Romans 1:20-25, Romans 12:1-2

© Lynn A. Jackson 2010

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  1. This message is the annointing power of God's Holy Spirit. Keep the word of truth coming. Your sister in Christ Jesus and Mother