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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Does God Have A Purpose For Your Life? Absolutely!

Passion…I feel it everyday. It’s stirring up inside of me. My thoughts are consumed by it everyday. It’s permanently etched on my mind. I concentrate on it with great fervor. I desire it like breath to my body. I long for it like the touch of my woman. The older I get the more I feel I have to have it. My resistance is now futile. I’m speaking of my purpose, of course. It seems as though I am completely obsessed with it. There are times when it seems so elusive and at other times it seems so right where I am. I can’t explain it without saying it’s overwhelming. So many thoughts running through my head. Am I doing the right thing? Am I waiting too long (procrastinating)? How do I know what’s right for me? What is the will of God for my life? I get tired just thinking about it.

I have spent countless hours pondering over this sometimes seemingly elusive destiny of mine. I mean, God does have a will, and I don’t mean the one your grandparents left you. No, He has a designed purpose for all of us. You don’t think so. Why would He create man on the sixth day and not on the seventh? Gen. 1:26-31. He’s God, he could have chilled on the eighth day. I mean He was the one speaking it all into existence. Gen. 1:1-3. What’s difference did it make? Why would he allow Moses to flee Egypt fearing his for life only to bring him back as His leader of choice? Why would He choose a murderer and a cast away to lead His people out of Egypt? Ex 2:11-25 and Ex 3 the whole chapter. Go figure. Why did he put up with Gideon asking all those questions before he would go to war? Judges 6:36-40. Seems to me He could have just picked one of them lapping like a dog dudes, but He didn’t. Judges 7:5-7.

Clearly God had a plan in all of these instances. If He didn’t that would make Him dangerously like us. You know how we just love to just do stuff and think about it later. No plan. No nothing. Some of us like to call the just doing stuff a plan. That is kind of suspect if you ask me. Fortunately for us, God does not operate like us. God, who is a God of order, would not create us without a reason or purpose. It would not make sense to me if he did. That theory would be too expensive for me purchase even in a thriving economy. God’s not like your local restaurant advertising. They dress the food up for the picture, only to get you into the restaurant and serve you something that does not look like what caused you to select it in the first place. What’s more amazing, most of us say nothing about it when it arrives like a waffle house waffle only three fourths of the actual size. That was not cool my friends. You know I got ready to send it back, but my gracious friend sitting across the table decided to weather the waffle storm for me. What is that about? Have we decided that a beautiful picture of a dish is good enough. Even though it doesn’t resemble the picture when they bring it out to you? Or is it something deeper? Maybe we think it’s too good to be true. So we lower our expectations and accept what comes to us. Well, I can’t do that with my life. Life is way too expensive for that approach. I am like a professional linebacker looking to clean the clock of life. No holds bared in this cage match baby! I must force my purpose into submission! I must make my destiny tap out!

I once heard a Pastor say, he did not want to go to the grave with any unfinished thing in him. That’s the place I have arrived in. I’m tired, but that’s okay. I have to keep moving. I can’t turn back now. I have waited too long to express my voice. It’s time to empty myself of all that He put in me. I have opened the lid and asked Him to pour me out. He said; ‘So be it’. So as the Christian rap group GRITS, says: ‘Get your cups up’. Its time to drink for the well that never goes dry my friends.

The first thing you need to know about Gods will is: it’s Gods will and not your own. You may be thinking to yourself, Lynn, come on man, that is simple bro. Not so fast my friends. Many of us will do Gods will as long as it doesn’t interfere with our own will. Know this right now. Gods will is not negotiable. You will not get Him to change His price no matter how much you try haggle with Him.     …to be continued…

© 2010 Lynn A. Jackson


  1. Amazing Grace My Son...pour it out for I have plenty of empty to spaces to fill. Mother and Sister in Christ Jesus

  2. I really enjoyed reading this Brother. Keep letting GOD use you.