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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Does God Have A Purpose For Your Life? Absolutely! (Part 2)

When I last spoke to you about God having a purpose for your life, the first thing I said to you was that, ‘it’s Gods will and not your own’. That remains true. Sometimes I have to learn to get out of God’s way to receive a blessing he may have for me. This is crucial that you understand this. It is God’s will and not your own.

The second thing you should know is that God expects us to obey His Word. He expects us to obey Him and His Word. Rom. 6:15-17 ; Rom. 2:7-9. Just like that, God commands and wants us to submit to it. He doesn’t coddle you. I’m sure there is someone out there that believes that God is rubbing them on their head pleading with them to obey Him, but He is God. He doesn’t ask us to obey Him if we feel like it. He just says obey and expects it to be done. I know that might not be how your pastor says it to you, but that is exactly what God expects. I know that doesn’t jive with the image of Jesus that they have been giving you, but that is the way it is. God is not asking. He is commanding obedience. Remember, the winds and the sea obeyed Him. Matthew 8:26-27. What do we look like not obeying Him. Meditate on that for a minute.

Of course we all know that obedience is not what always happens, but that is God’s expectation of us. Thank God that He has mercy on us wayward creatures that never seem to want to do right. OK, maybe I should just speak for myself. There are times when I don’t want to do right. I will freely admit that it is a categorical struggle for me to submit to God’s will and obey Him at all times. Thank God for Jesus though. Rom. 5:18-21. We are blessed that we live with goodness and mercy. Psalm 23:6. If not for just these two things, God would be taking most of us out for our sometimes undisciplined lifestyles.

Obeying God is a key part of doing His will in your life. If you’re not obeying, then how can you be fulfilling the will of God for you life? How can you walk in your intended purpose without obedience to God? How can the creation know its intended design without the creator?

Through Christ we have redemption and we can now repent and find forgiveness. This is a gift, not a birth right. Remember we are born into sin. We act like God owes us life unto salvation just because we are here. I’m telling you; if you want God to be effective in your life, allow Him to affect your life with His Word and submit to His will.
…to be continued…
© 2010 Lynn A. Jackson

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