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Monday, January 31, 2011

"You will be missed but in our hearts NEVER dismissed"

Kevin 'Tuck' Tucker
March 18, 1974 to January 22, 2011

Sometimes we face occurrences that challenge our faith.. 
Tuck suddenly passing away was one of those moments. 
One of those moments when you fall on your face and cry out to God and ask why.
One of those moments where even silence doesn't comfort you.
Thank God his peace goes beyond my understanding.
For in my understanding I am lost.
Thank God He takes our burdens.
For this is too heavy for me alone.
Thank God for Jesus Christ.
He is the greatest hope of all.
In the picture above is a Husband, Father, Brother, Son, and Friend.
A man to whom all of these offices were given. 
So many labels and so little time to fulfill them.
He will be missed by his wife.
He will be missed by his children.
He will be missed by his family.
He will be missed by his friends.
Please pray that God will strengthen the ones he touched
while being so many things to so many people.
To my brother Tuck; Mad Love and Much Respect my Friend. 


I tried again last night

I tried again last night, to talk to my friend, but something’s not right
Though I knew, it couldn’t be true, I lied again last night
He would have been one of the chosen if life were guaranteed
Many would stand in line to take his place, if We could fill God’s need
Its hard not to miss, what we feel was not meant to be taken
So we look to the heavens, for why our wants, were forsaken
With his smile of gold, he paid us all each and everyday
For who could resist the charms of the Man with whom we all did play
With a twist on the theme, bow your heads, listen as I say
Now we lay you down to sleep, in our hearts we will always keep
The love for you, in all the things that we do
A Husband, a Father, a Friend, We Love You
We pray to the lord as your soul he takes
For a heart like yours, he could not wait
So in the morning when we wake
To have known such a man we will never forsake

Kevin Tucker

You brightened our lives and we will never be the same
For not to have known you would have been such a shame
As we shed a smile we shed a tear, cause we care
See you when we get there, it’s a place we all will share
I tried again last night, to talk to my friend, but something’s not right
Though I knew, it couldn’t be true, I lied again last night
You will be missed but in our hearts NEVER dismissed

© 2011 Ty Cannady

It was just my imagination once again
Pretending I didn't have to deal with losing a friend
Just the other day I was dapping your hand
Today I am grieving, missing you man
I remember all the laughs, all the talks on the phone
How I would rag you about having a tight shirt on
Without hesitation you hit back and said
I know you ain't talking with that big 'ol head
Back and forth we'd go, for granted time we took
Then Ty would jump in and say, 'Let's go get a hook'
Eggspecations, Coastal Flats, a stop up at Clyde's
Alto Plaza, the Dock or maybe V5
Regardless the venue, we really didn't care
Because we were going to talk about everyone there
The best of friends, inseparable, together we'd be
Forever known as BBG
And Monday through Thursday at three on the dot
We were in the Westfields gym, yeah we ran that spot
We'd hit the weights hard and at the end of the day
Holla at you later were the words we would say
January 20 in Eggs, we were up in the place
Unfortunately, that was the last time I'd see your face
Your laugh has been silenced, your smile no longer glows
When will I see you again, only God knows
So let's play a game, my favorite, pretend
You are standing right beside me, tripping my friend
Before you had to roll your hand you'd extend
I reached for it, then reality hit, it was my imagination again 

© 2011 Keith T. Nolen

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