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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why do you need Christ? Because He said so!

As I was thinking about how to put this post together, I tried to consider all the different things I would say to someone to convince them to give their life to Christ. I thought about some of the gimmicks we use to get people into the church. Free chicken dinners is a definite crowd favorite. I also thought about saying to the rich person 'even though you're rich you could richer if you get Jesus in your life'. I would say to the person that seemed happy 'you think you’re happy now? Well, if you had Jesus, you would be much happier'. We try to go out of our way not 'offend' people with the Gospel. This is called being 'tolerant' of different types of people with different mindsets towards Christ, who He is, and what it really means to serve Him. We do all these things to get people into the church only to say things like 'God understands your weakness and He is OK with you being that way'. While God does understand your weaknesses, He is not OK with you staying the same. God wants you to change. If you could stay the same what need would there be for a Savior?

As I thought about how I would tell someone why they need Christ, I came to a very straight forward approach on how it should be conveyed. Why do you need Christ? Because HE said so! Christ said that you can do nothing without Him (Jn 15:5). He said that a man must be born again by water and the Spirit (Jn 3:5). He said He was the Door by which you must enter (Jn 10:9). He said He is the Life, Truth, and the Way and that no man can come to the Father, lest he come through Him (Jn 14:6). He is the only One that can give salvation (Luke 19:9-10). He said that through Him, you, the whoever, can be saved (Jn 3:16-17). He also says He has the power to cast you into Hell (Lk 12:5). Now there's a message for you. Get Jesus or face Hell fire upon your exit from this world! Don't believe that? Why not? You believe man when he offers you the Big Bang Theory without concrete proof. You believe the Theory of Evolution because a man said so, again without concrete proof. Let me say right here that I hope you know that God is the creator of man and not the other way around.

Growing up in the south I was only shown pictures of African people with bones in their noses and all Africans being in abject poverty. I believed that because that is what a man showed me and told me. I was blessed to live in London, England for nearly four years and I received  a startling revelation. I encountered many Africans and they were incredibly intelligent, very bold, astonishingly beautiful, and an extremely diverse people. While you can't believe everything a man tells you without first seeking proof, God says you must have faith. Don't tell me that there is no such thing. Atheist say they don't believe in God. To make this statement is a type of faith my friends. It's takes faith to believe that the earth, the moon and the stars, the atmosphere, the axis that keeps us from burning up in the sun comes from nowhere. How can you believe all of this something came from nothing and say you have no faith? You have faith just not in God. Even if you believe in either theories on how human life began, you still need faith to believe in that. So in the end it is simple for me. No tricks. No treats. No gimmicks. Just straight up.

You need Jesus Christ, because He said so! Believe that!

All scripture references taken from the New King James Version
© 2010 Lynn A. Jackson

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  1. We are wonderful made in God's image and likeness. I Thank Lord God and Christ Jesus for Saying so and opening our hearts by the annointing power of His Holy Spirit to receive His Love, Grace and Mercy. What a Mighty God we serve. Keep it coming...