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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Random Bits of Wisdom from the M.O.G. Part II

Random Bits of Wisdom from the M.O.G. (Man of God) Part II

What up good people. I am back again with some wisdom from the well of my life. Enjoy the drink.

1. Need direction? Serve God with the gifts he gave you. I heard they would make room for you. Once the room has been made for your gifts, let them guide you to your destination.
2. Don’t expect God to bless sin. He is not in that business.
3. Ladies, if you give a man everything without setting a standard, he will treat you like you have no standards.
4. Fellas, you just found the lady of your prayers. Treating her like she’s your last misfortune? Here is some advise for you. New can’t be new if you keep treating it like it’s old. Get over yourself and the other lady so you can see this answered prayer with ‘good thing’ clarity.
5. If you don’t have Jesus now don’t wait until later. He is not candy (Now&Later). He is your necessary Savior.

© 2010 Lynn A. Jackson 

Coming Soon: Jesus The Birth  Part I

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