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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Bits of Wisdom from the M.O.G.

Random Bits of Wisdom from the M.O.G. (Man of God)

What up good people. I was thinking about what to post this week and decided I would give you a few nuggets of wisdom to live by. Although I am from the ‘nowhere near perfert’ mold, I have, however, been through and seen many things. From this well I will share a drink with you.

Here are 10 ten bits of wisdom.

1. Dating? State what you expect. Be what you expect. Expect what you invest.
2. Dating? If they are tripping and acting mental, don’t marry them! I repeat, DON’T MARRY THEM! Direct them to the nearest reputable clinic for help with their issues!
3. Ladies if he walks up to you at church and says, ‘God told me that you are my wife’, run as far away from him as you can! Make sure you hide in a good place. If he finds you in your secret hiding place, then maybe you can be his ‘good thing’. You also might want to repeat number 2 above!
4. Fellas, if she is helpless, she can’t help you.
5. If when you think of Love you only think of yourself. You are not ready for what Love is.
6. If you are married, ‘Go Home’, no matter how fine they are! (I know. This is a tough one sometimes! Stay strong my people! )
7. Fellas, are you dating? Don’t go broke while she gets rich. You don’t have to pay for everything! Plus, no real woman wants to marry a broke man!
8. Ladies, are you dating? If you can’t be Loved in the open, don’t be loved behind the closed door.
9. Never expect perfection from what’s imperfect. You will drive yourself crazy and end up needing number 2 for yourself!
10. You and God are not on the same level. You are mortal, but God is immortal. You only know what you have learned, but God established all knowledge. You need salvation. That only comes through His Son.

© 2010 Lynn A. Jackson


  1. number 2 is totally funnyyyyy! I love it!

  2. Hey Lynn, that was nice. I enjoyed the read. Great words of wisdom. Love Big Sis

  3. This is great, Thank God for Salvation thru Christ Jesus. The Wisdom of God and understanding saves us from I should have never been there or done that.... Christ Jesus is from ever lasting to ever lasting...wait on him for direction,if not,sorry and shame.